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Over 30 years experience in noise, gas flow and blast door solutions
Silentec – design, manufacturing and consultation in noise reduction, gas flow and blast proof doors, specializing in acoustics, vibration abatement and building acoustics. Products include steel stacks, cold stacks, boiler stack, industrial stack, stack silencers, industrial silencers, exhaust silencer, vent silencers, steam silencers, reactive silencers, exhaust muffler, membrane silencer, no-clogging silencer, cartridge silencer, ventilation silencer, acoustic louvers, intake silencer, hybrid silencer, noise barriers, acoustic barriers, acoustic wall, noise screen, infrasound control, Helmholtz resonator, soundproofed cabins, soundproofed personnel cabins, acoustic enclosures, soundproofed building, HRSG thermo-acoustic casing, HRSG acoustic shroud, HRSG silencer, gas turbine exhaust system, generator exhaust system, generator muffler, generator silencing, blow-off silencer, water tower noise abatement, sound absorbing panels, expansion joint, visco-elastic dampers, vibration isolators, turning vanes, blast doors, acoustic hangar doors, test cell doors, door bottom drop seal, acoustic seal, automatic door drop seal, acoustic door pneumatic seal, and soundproofed windows. Consulting and installation services. Noise surveys, noise diagnostic testing, noise simulation, noise map, flow simulation, CFD analysis, stack plume simulation, stack emission dispersion simulation, environmental noise assessment, noise control. Noise performance guarantee. Industries served include power generation plants, aircraft engine testing facilities, jet engine test cell, mines, quarries, cement, metals, petrochemical, food, beverages, pharmaceutical and manufacturing plants, HVAC contractors, municipalities and residential clients.


Custom products, for those looking for quantified performance

Silentec custom designs and manufactures large equipment doors as well as personnel doors for a variety of applications requiring sound attenuation, blast and vacuum rating. Doors supplied can be hinged or sliding, manual or power operated, with pneumatic or butt perimeter seal system. Door STC sound reduction is guaranteed by Silentec and certified by independent laboratory tests by the NRC.


Sound rated personnel doors. Hinge mounted and fitted with 1, 2 or 3 rows of perimeter sound seals. Thus providing sound transmission loss between STC-35 and STC-70. Optionally it is reinforced to resist vacuum, blasts and ballistics, with 1 psi or more pressure, such as weapons and aircraft engine off-blade.


Custom made with typical openings of 20 ft x30 ft, for equipment access such as Aircraft engines and gas turbines in test cells. It can be made to resist blast pressures of 1 psi or more, vacuum and ballistics from weapons or engine off-blades. High soundproofing ratings are available, such as STC-65 and more. It is available with hinged or sliding movements. It is fitted with perimeter sound seals of the butting or pneumatic types.

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