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Over 30 years experience in noise, gas flow and blast door solutions
Silentec – design, manufacturing and consultation in noise reduction, gas flow and blast proof doors, specializing in acoustics, vibration abatement and building acoustics. Products include steel stacks, cold stacks, boiler stack, industrial stack, stack silencers, industrial silencers, exhaust silencer, vent silencers, steam silencers, reactive silencers, exhaust muffler, membrane silencer, no-clogging silencer, cartridge silencer, ventilation silencer, acoustic louvers, intake silencer, hybrid silencer, noise barriers, acoustic barriers, acoustic wall, noise screen, infrasound control, Helmholtz resonator, soundproofed cabins, soundproofed personnel cabins, acoustic enclosures, soundproofed building, HRSG thermo-acoustic casing, HRSG acoustic shroud, HRSG silencer, gas turbine exhaust system, generator exhaust system, generator muffler, generator silencing, blow-off silencer, water tower noise abatement, sound absorbing panels, expansion joint, visco-elastic dampers, vibration isolators, turning vanes, blast doors, acoustic hangar doors, test cell doors, door bottom drop seal, acoustic seal, automatic door drop seal, acoustic door pneumatic seal, and soundproofed windows. Consulting and installation services. Noise surveys, noise diagnostic testing, noise simulation, noise map, flow simulation, CFD analysis, stack plume simulation, stack emission dispersion simulation, environmental noise assessment, noise control. Noise performance guarantee. Industries served include power generation plants, aircraft engine testing facilities, jet engine test cell, mines, quarries, cement, metals, petrochemical, food, beverages, pharmaceutical and manufacturing plants, HVAC contractors, municipalities and residential clients.

Stacks & Silencers for ID Fans & Dust Collectors

Silentec designed and manufactured over 18 stack-silencers for the Sorel-Tracy plant of QIT between 2003 and 2008, as part of the environmental noise reduction program. Most were downstream baghouse dust collectors, such as this 60' tall & low pressure loss silencer insert.

Other stack-silencers were supplied inside a stack or a duct, as well as a permanently mounted noise monitor.

Silentec also performs periodic maintenance and cleaning where needed.

The picture shows the insertion of a 60' high silencer into a 180' high stack.

Air Handling - Scrubber fan noise control

The picture shows a noise enclosure over scrubber fans and ducts.

Air Handling - Mine Ventilation

This asbestos mine ventilation and heater house was built with the neighbors in mind!

TLT-Babcock Inc. needed to supply and install 2 fans pushing 700,000 cubic feet per minute into a deep mine shaft owned by J.M Asbestos Inc., in Asbestos, QC. The regulator would not tolerate an increase to the ambient noise outside homes located 1,500 feet from the projected location of the fans. Silentec performed day-night environmental noise measurements, developed noise abatement requirements and presented the initial environmental report for approval by the regulators. Following approval, Silentec designed, manufactured and built a soundproofed metal siding building, including silencers, louvers, acoustic shrouds, windows, doors and hatches. The noise from the fans, motors, burners, pumps and other equipment is contained by this quiet envelope. Completed in 2001.

Soundproofed heater house building, showing the air inlet louvers and silencer

Air inlet silencer baffles seen from inside building

Air Handling Noise Control at Armstrong Inc. & Eagle-Allemand Inc.

Environmental and work place noise in these plants had increased mainly from higher production and the addition of air handling systems for pollution control.

Silentec supported its customers throughout the process, from investigating the problems to putting in place permanent solutions. Environmental noise surveys and diagnostic testing of noise sources were performed and correlated with complaints from nearby residents. Respectful dialogue and information sessions with the citizens' committee and local government enabled the ranking of noise sources by priority. Silentec identified solutions and budgets. Plant managers were able to commit to a multi-year noise abatement program. Silentec assisted throughout the implementation - including design-manufacturing-installation of silencers, enclosures, pipe lagging and other noise and vibration controls. The pictures show fan and other silencers.

Silencers, enclosures, lagging for air handling systems

Compressor silencer with special antivibration ducting